About VCEH

Mission Statement

The Ventura County Educators’ Hall of Fame selects individuals to be honored for their outstanding contributions to the field of education in the County of Ventura.


The Ventura County Educators’ Hall of Fame (VCEH) is a 501C3 non-profit organization that honors exemplary individuals in the field of education, encourages excellence in teaching, and is helping to preserve the rich heritage of the teaching profession in the United States. The Ventura County Educators’ Hall of Fame exists to honor extraordinary educators who have served in Ventura County. It was founded in 2005 by Darrin Parent, in an effort to give back to exceptional teachers, administrators and school staff that had made a difference in his life.

Each year we induct a new class into The Ventura County Educators’ Hall of Fame at a recognition ceremony, which recognizes a small group of the County’s most outstanding educators each June. The Hall of Fame annually honors a new class of exceptional Educators’ who have demonstrated commitment and dedication to teaching children. The first induction of five teachers was held in October 2007. Over 50 teachers have been inducted into The Ventura County Educators’ Hall of Fame representing retired classroom teachers, administrators and classified personnel, who are all eligible for induction into The Ventura County Educators’ Hall of Fame. The celebration also extends an honor to recognize the “Teacher of the Year”, as well as offers a scholarship to a candidate of the credential program or a student teacher.

Hall of Fame inductees will receive the following awards each year:

A plaque bearing their name, and a brief description of the Hall of Fame’s mission.
A signet VCEH Class Ring presented by Jostens.
Photo and mini bio posted on The VCEH Hall of Fame website.

In order for a person to be eligible for induction into The Ventura County Hall of Fame they must meet the following criteria:
1) Be retired from the field of education; this includes any interim positions. *
2) Must have served as an educator in the county of Ventura for a minimum of ten (10) years.
Posthumous nominations are accepted. In our 3 year history six individuals have been inducted on a posthumous basis.

We are not affiliated with any governmental entity or school district. We exist as a privately funded, privately governed, independent non-profit organization. *Substitute teaching work is considered as retired. Those persons who teach on a substitute basis are eligible for induction.


In August of 2005, a young man named Darrin Parrent set out to create an organization that would honor elite educators. His idea was to establish The Ventura County Educators’ Hall of Fame. This vision was presented to a number of prominent educators, including Ventura County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Chuck Weis. Dr. Weis was very supportive of the concept and offered his assistance in helping to launch the organization and make it into a viable entity.

A committee of 15 educational and civic leaders, both past and present, was formed. Between January and March of 2006, these leaders met and gave input on how the Hall of Fame should be established, organized and directed. It was during this period that the officers of the organization were put into place and a Board was formed.

The Ventura County Educators’ Hall of Fame held their Inaugural Induction dinner on October 6, 2007. Ten educators were inducted at this inaugural dinner. The evening’s attendance was well over 350 people. This showed us Ventura County would indeed support a Hall of Fame for educators.

The following year, on October 4, 2008, eight more inductees were honored at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

On June 17, 2011, we had our third annual Induction dinner for the Class of 2010 (honored in June of 2011 as we needed to finalize the selections, announce the Class of 2010-11 to The Ventura County Star and then prepare for the Induction dinner to be held in June of 2011).