Rose Wisuri

Rose-Wisuri-tnEducational Leader
Moorpark Union School District

“We (educators) have been touted as the County’s greatest resource, that’s better than an Oscar©… “




Rose Wisuri served as an educational leader in the Moorpark schools across a unique span of time in the community’s history from 1959 to 1990, a period that was characterized by the transition from a small rural town to an incorporated city. During this time, Wisuri’s educational career grew and changed along with the school system which united two union school districts and built seven new schools to match the burgeoning population of the community.

Hired initially to run an Adult Education Preschool program and then to teach kindergarten, Wisuri’s high-energy style and passion for early childhood education led her to become Principal of Flory Elementary in the 1970s. During that time, Flory’s Early Childhood Education Program received statewide recognition as an exemplary program. The school collaborated with university researchers at California State University Sacramento and University of California at Santa Barbara for teacher training and research on bilingual education methodologies for second language learners. The test scores and the prestige of the school system were greatly enhanced under her instructional

Wisuri took on more responsibilities in the early 1980s. While retaining her position as principal, she also took on the role of District Project Director. She secured categorical grant funds that greatly enriched the learning opportunities for students by providing training for teachers, specialized materials, and additional support personnel. She wrote the District’s fi rst Title I Project, a state Bilingual Education grant and a federal Bilingual Demonstration Project that was funded for five years. The many special programs she secured for Moorpark schools helped move the once poor district to one with funds and enriched learning opportunities for students.

In 1980, Moorpark Union School District with two schools and Moorpark Memorial High School District with one school were unifi ed by a vote of the citizens. Wisuri was part of the leadership team that helped to blend the two entities.

As the population boom hit Moorpark in the mid 1980s and the district built three elementary schools in three years, Wisuri became Assistant Superintendent. Her vision guided the initial development of the school configurations and boundaries that would result in a balance of ethnic groups among all the local schools and the development of a culture that teaches respect for every individual and values the richness of diversity.

Since retiring in 1990, Wisuri has been an active part of the community, volunteering her time with the Camarillo Arts Council, FOOD Share, the Camarillo House and other endeavors.