Class of 2010-2011

Legends All

Five legends in Ventura County education circles were named to the new Educators’ Hall of Fame June 17, 2011 at the Courtyard Marriott in Oxnard.

John Devine

John Devine literally lived education, going so far as bringing kids home and ensuring others that they had lunch money or decent clothes.  He spent much of his career at Isbell Middle School in Santa Paula, where he taught industrial arts and organized trips to sporting events. He passed away in 1982

Jim Lane

Jim Lane was a business teacher, coach and athletic director at Hueneme High School in Oxnard. Born and raised in Oxnard, he retired in 2002, but like many teachers, stays involved in the community. He is now involved in a mentoring project at Hueneme and helps raise money for athletic programs, in addition to developing a boys and girls club at Meiners Oaks Elementary School in Ojai.

Andy McEuen

Andy McEuen began as a business teacher at Oxnard High School after serving in WWII in a combat battalion. His administrative skills as a principal were later tested and he was so good that he became principal of the new Hueneme High School in 1959, and later became superintendent of the Oxnard District until his 1980 retirement.

Under his direction, Hueneme became a state model for parent and student involvement.

Les Meredith, Jr.

Leslie Meredith Jr. was a teacher-principal at the Santa Rosa Elementary School and prior to that, an assistant principal at Los Altos Intermediate School, both in Camarillo.  He was also a scuba diver who ran oceanography workshops and was ahead of his time in co-authoring a tidepool protection plan in 1973. His skills were put to use as a member of the county sheriff’s Underwater Search and Rescue team.

Charles Mozley

Charles Mozley taught at Fillmore High School, adult education in Ventura and Oxnard and even had a stint as teacher in the Youth Authority. Clearly beloved, he was also well known as the announcer at football games and involved in pep squads, plays, graduation ceremonies and as an advisor. He passed away in 2007.