Class of 2013-2014

What a class they are!  Learn a little bit about the Class of 2013-2014.

Bill Seaver

William “Bill” Seaver, decorated war veteran, began his career in education as an agriculture teacher for the Oxnard Union High School District. He continued his career as a counselor and administrator for the Conejo Valley Unified School District and retired from his position as superintendent. He was a devoted member of his community and served in many capacities for the Conejo Valley Historical Society, the Pleasant Valley Historical Society and the Ventura County Grand Jury. He received many honors for his dedication to the students and citizens in both the Camarillo area and the Conejo Valley.

Christopher Bark

Christopher Bark worked with high school and college aged students with Moderate to Severe disabilities for more than 30 years. Beyond teaching, he arranged for his students to have life experiences which for most never would have been possible. For example, with staff, he took students on 2 to 3-day camping adventures, and in another example, worked patiently with a student who, despite being affected with Down’s syndrome, was able to give a speech at graduation. He was a 1994 Amgen Award winner and Teacher of the Year for Ventura County.

Fran Berman

Fran Berman demanded rigor and expected excellent effort from all of her high school students. She worked for 34 years with varied populations from students in the English Language Development program through those in English Advanced Placement courses. A published author, she also pioneered and for 25 years taught two very popular English Department electives, Modern Literature and Creative Writing. Her colleagues at Adolfo Camarillo High School voted her Teacher of the Year.

Judy Crenshaw

Judy Crenshaw’s love of learning was infectious in her kindergarten and primary classrooms which featured students using art, poetry, music, and dance to demonstrate their latest learning. A Dona for the City of Camarillo, Mrs. Crenshaw has shared her expertise through being a Demonstration Teacher for CSUCI and has consulted with and provided professional development for other early education and kindergarten teachers locally and in Japan, Vietnam, and China.

 Madeline Miedema

Madeline Miedema dedicated her entire life to educating students and providing as many learning opportunities as she possible could for the Oxnard Union High School District. During her career as a professional educator, she was a teacher, a school librarian, vice-principal, Director of Curriculum and she served on the Oxnard Union High School District Board of Trustees. In addition she was a published author of historical articles about early Oxnard. The library at Oxnard High School was named in her honor.